Tuesday, 6 April 2010

This is how we take the old from the New...

Leaders of the New School - Sobb Story

Marco Polo & Ruste Juxx - Let's Take A Sec feat. Black Moon

First person to give me the name of the "Original sample/loop" used will win a a cherry lollipop...


  1. Can't think of the main loop at the moment although I'm sure I know it, and might even have it! Isn't it something quite obvious too?

    The Lou Donaldson drums on the Marco beat is probably my favourite drum break ever. You could put practically ANYTHING over them and it would sound dope!

  2. Forgot to say...that Leaders record has got to be one of the best value 12"s ever released! All the remixes are dope...so many samples used as well.

  3. Krum, i agree mate those drums any self respecting MC could impress over,particularly if they go by the name of Lord Jammar and Sadat X. The classic sounding 'Lets take a sec' song is fast becoming a favorite over here in 2010, just the album itself and Rustee Juxx the MC for me hasn't completely grabbed me, maybe i need more time with it in what has super-fast become an over saturated music scene.

    I dont chase all new rap records anymore for obvious lack of quality control in the game these past ten yrs or so, but sure fire Marco Polo has more than impressed me on more than one occassion ie the 'Radar' remix with Large Professor. However, I am looking forward to The UN stalwart Roc Marciano's album 'marcberg' what ive heard so far is decent just pray the production is raw focused on breaks and got that funk we all know and love plus his rhymes stay fresh, kinetic and say sum ill isht, loved the UN album for me was one of the best and complete albums since MF DOOM's 'Operation Doomsday'.

    I was told by a reliable source the sample used for both 'Sobb Story' and 'Lets take a sec' is from a Hugo Montenegro album? let us know if you find a title for it.

    Ditto on the LONS 'Sobb Story' value for money sentiment, all those early elektra 12s were value especially the 'International Zone coaster' 12 and of course the 'All souled out EP' the only snag for the LONS 12s to me was that the sound quality in the mastering sounded a bit dull and low in the mix.